Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 2

La Promesse
The Beautiful Moonlight
Mode Level Notes
Easy 5 431
Normal 9 805
Hard 10 1120
Extra xi 1155
BPM 183.5
Deemo 201:59

Deemo 2.0 - Xi - Anima


  • To unlock ANiMA, after the tree height reaches 47m, return to balcony with telescope. There is a scroll on the ground next to the entrance. Tapping on it will trigger a dialogue about showing a musical score to Deemo and unlock ANiMA.


  • ANiMA is translated in Italian as "Soul".
  • At the bottom of this artwork, there are two repeat signs, which is a music symbol
  • This is the first song that has level 9 in Normal difficulty.
  • It is widely acclaimed that this is the true level 11 song in the game, as its difficulty rivals that of Myosotis.

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