Arrow Samsara Collection
Reverence (Deemo ver)
Parodia Sonatina Var.II
Mode Level Notes
Easy 7 558
Normal 9 962
Hard 10 1260
Extra xi 1370
BPM 196
Deemo 301:57

Deemo 3.0 Aragami - xi


  • The Extra difficulty chart is unlocked after watching the Where It Goes Memory in playthrough 4 (requires Forgotten Hourglass).
  • The Extra difficulty chart is the only chart in the game to require 4 fingers to play (2 Tap + 2 Slide). It also contains a unique 3-finger combination (2 Tap + 1 Slide).
  • This song, along with La Campenella, are the only songs to have a Level 7 Easy difficulty.
  • This song's Extra chart went longest without someone having an All Charming. It lasted 144 days, from March 30 to August 20, and すいれんっ is the first and only person to have an All Charming in the Extra difficulty.
  • This song also appears in CHUNITHM and SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN.

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