The Basement is accessed by selecting the painting in the Attic followed by the bottom door of the Downstairs room. On first entry, the Where It Goes Memory will play after tapping the painting and you will be located in the Basement right after.

Elements Edit

  • On first entry, the room and piano appear to be covered with vines and there is a gem with a red glow affixed onto the wall.
    • Upon selecting the piano in the room, the speed selection screen appears. In the Main Story, the song that plays upon starting is Suspenseful Third Day (Easy).
  • After clearing the song, the The New Tree Memory plays and the room clears up a bit, brightening it up. The Tree Height is instantly boosted to 30m.
  • There is a piano in this room and thus also a Play button.
  • A Light Orb appears in this room for every song cleared.

Unlocks Edit

Forgotten Hourglass Edit

Main article: Forgotten Hourglass
In Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs, the left door which did not previously lead anywhere leads to the Mask Room.

Basement (Forgotten Hourglass)

  • The first entry procedure is maintained throughout all playthroughs.
  • Suspenseful Third Day is replaced by another song:
    • In playthrough 2, the song is The 105th Days (Normal).
    • In playthrough 3 and all subsequent Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs, the song is The Way Home (Normal).

Unlocks Edit