Exclusive Song Collections for Deemo ~The Last Recital~


Collection 2 (Deemo's collection Vol. 1B) is available for free on Android, and available when purchasing the game on iOS.

Since Deemo 2.0 was released, Deemo's collection 1 has been split over 2 volumes. Artworks are done by Siyouko.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard Extra BPM Unlock conditions
Evolution Era V.K 3 6 8 90
Invite Sun Chen feat. Bibi Chao 2 5 7 134 Tap under table in Library after reaching 2m Tree Height
Run Go Run Kaeru Underground (formerly DJ Trio) 2 3 8 180 Select treasure chest in Library after reaching 4m Tree Height
Yawning Lion V.K 2 4 9 65 Select broken glass in Attic after reaching 12m Tree Height
Pulses Sta feat. A 1 6 8 92 Select tree in Piano Room after reaching 15m Tree Height
Electron Yuk-cheung Chun feat. Misi Ke 1 6 8 125 Select wheel in Attic after reaching 10m Tree Height
Untitled2 FabricFactory 3 6 8 111 Reach 11m Tree Height
Walking by the sea Edmud Fu 2 5 8 93 Reach 12m Tree Height
Beyond The Stratus Ice 2 4 7 130 Reach 14m Tree Height
Sairai Shinichi Kobayashi 3 5 7 8 95 Reach 16m Tree Height

EX: (Playthrough 2) Reach 16m Tree Height

Entrance Ice 2 8 10 L 180 Reach 18m Tree Height

EX: (Playthrough 2-4) Tap under table in Library after reaching 2m Tree Height

Magnolia M2U feat. Guriri 4 7 10 M 160 Reach 20m Tree Height

EX: (Playthrough 2) Unlock Leaves Memory

Angelic Sphere 3R2 4 5 7 143 Unlock Leaves Memory
Leviathan NeLiME 3 7 9 10 88-185 Unlock Leaves Memory

EX: (Playthrough 2) Unlock Where It Goes Memory

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