Exclusive Song Collections for Deemo ~The Last Recital~

Collection 5 (Samsara Collection) is available after purchasing DLC the Forgotten Hourglass. This collection is unlocked after the Library is unlocked in playthrough 2. There are 10 songs in this collection. Completing playthrough 4 is needed to unlock all songs in this collection.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard Extra BPM Unlock conditions
Voice of Cell Michiru Oshima 4 6 8 88 (Playthrough 2) Reach 14m Tree Height
Valle De Los Cados Triodust 1 4 7 100 (Playthrough 3) Reach 8m Tree Height
Lost in the Nowhere Rave Cyanide 6 8 10 160 (Playthrough 2) Reach 8m Tree Height
The 105th Days Pianoboy 2 4 6 96 (Playthrough 2) Select piano in Basement and clear song after unlocking Where It Goes Memory
Reverence (Deemo ver) Vospi 3 7 9 172 (Playthrough 2-4) Select treasure chest in Library after reaching 4m Tree Height
Aragami xi 7 9 10 xi 196 (Playthrough 2) Unlock You Cannot Go Memory

EX: (Playthrough 4) Unlock Where It Goes Memory

Parodia Sonatina Var.II Ice 5 8 10 L 170 (Playthrough 3) Unlocked after end credits

EX: (Playthrough 4) Reach 11m Tree Height

Amber Wishes (Deemo edit) Ice 5 8 10 195 (Playthrough 2) Unlocked after end credits
The Way Home KIVA 2 5 7 91* (Playthrough 3) Select piano in Basement and clear song after unlocking Where It Goes Memory
Marigold M2U 5 9 12 160 (Playthrough 4) Unlocked after end credits

Trivia Edit

• The meaning of "Samsara" (accented Saṃsāra, Sanskrit संसार) is the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.

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