Exclusive Song Collections for Deemo ~The Last Recital~
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Collection 6 (Etude Collection) is available after purchasing DLC the Forgotten Hourglass. This collection is unlocked after the Library is unlocked in playthrough 2. There are 15 songs in this collection. Completing playthrough 4 is needed to unlock all songs in this collection.
Song Artist Easy Normal Hard Extra BPM Unlock conditions
Tristesse Chopin 1 5 ? (Playthrough 2) Reach 2m Tree Height
Intermezzo in A Major Brahms 2 7 ? (Playthrough 2-4) Select wheel in Attic after reaching 10m Tree Height
Rhapsody in B minor Brahms 3 8 ? (Playthrough 2) Reach 12m Tree Height
Pathetique Beethoven 3 9 ? (Playthrough 2-4) Select broken glass in Attic after reaching 12m Tree Height
Ballade No.1 Chopin 5 8 ? (Playthrough 2) Select tree in Piano Room after reaching 15m Tree Height
Invention No.1 J.S. Bach 3 7 ? (Playthrough 2) Unlock Leaves Memory
Aufschwung Schumann 5 9 ? (Playthrough 2-4) Select vase on Second Floor after reaching 33m Tree Height
Turkish March Mozart 5 8 ? (Playthrough 2-4) Select book in Upstairs room after reaching 40m Tree Height
Moonlight Beethoven 6 9 ? (Playthrough 2) Reach 50% Staircase Height
Flight of the Bumblebee Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 5 9 ? (Playthrough 2) Unlocked after end credits
Impromptu No.3 Schubert 2 8 ? (Playthrough 3) Unlock Budding Memory
Venetian Gondellied Mendelssohn 2 7 ? (Playthrough 3) Unlock Leaves Memory
Piano Sonata No.3 Chopin 6 10 ? (Playthrough 3) Unlocked after end credits
Waltz No.1 Chopin 4 9 ? (Playthrough 4) Unlock Budding Memory
La Campenella Liszt 7 10 ? (Playthrough 4) Unlocked after end credits

Trivia Edit

  • This collection consists of classical songs by famous historical composers. Thus, the tempo of the songs fluctuate greatly compared to most songs in other collections.

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