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Deemo: The Last Recital is a PSVita exclusive version/ adaptation of the Mobile game Deemo.

The Japanese version of the game was released at June 24, 2015. The North American release is currently aimed for May 2017 and the European release date is TBA 2017.

This version of the game has a different story compared to the Mobile version of the game, fully animated cutscenes, Character Voice-Overs, 2 unique 2-player modes (DUEL and DUET mode), and new collections of songs to play.


Game = TWD 496

1 song pack ( IAP ) = TWD 120

All song packs ( 14 in total ) = TWD 1150

PSVita Special Theme = TWD 82

Cover Art Edit

Cover Description Price
Demo-Retail-Release-Ann-SCEJA 001
Standard Retail Cover HKD 198
Demo-Retail-Release-Ann-SCEJA 002
Premium Edition Cover HKD 398

Promotion Video Edit

『DEEMO~ラスト・リサイタル~』 プロモーションビデオ01:29

『DEEMO~ラスト・リサイタル~』 プロモーションビデオ

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