Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 2

The Beautiful Moonlight
onoken / Vocal: Rin
Mode Level Notes
Easy 2 229
Normal 5 475
Hard 8 614
Extra - -
BPM 136
Deemo 202:30

Deemo 2.0 - Onoken - Fluquor


「行かないで」と 君は言うけど
一人でいられないのは きっと僕の方
君の為出来るのは ここで奏で続けること
煌く記憶の中で 微笑む君を見た

"Ikanaide" to. Kimi wa iu kedo. 
Hitori de irarenai no wa kitto boku no hou... 
Kimi no tame dekiru no wa koko de kanade tsuzukeru koto, 
Dakara mou okaeri, 
Kono te wo hanashite, agerareru uchi ni. 
Kirameku kioku no naka de, hohoemu kimi wo mita, 
Ibitsu na inori no uta ni, 
Yume no owari wo shiru 
Itsuka kono omoi wa kimi no te maiorite, 
Furete wa tokete yuku yo, 
Inochi no yasashisa de. 

"Don't leave me," you said.
But I'm sure the one that can't stand being alone is me...
All I can do for you is to continue playing these songs here,
So now it's time for you to head back,
Let go of my hand now, while you still can.
I saw you smiling, in those glittering memories,
From the twisted prayer within these songs,
I learned of the end of this dream
Someday, these feelings of mine, will flutter down, onto your hands,
And if you touch them, they will melt,
From the tenderness of your life.

Notes Edit

  • Unlock conditions: After reaching 100% Staircase Height and selecting the platform in the Top Floor, the Easy difficulty of this song plays, and the final Memories follow after clearing it. After the end credits, this song is unlocked together with Myosotis and Altale.
  • This song and the epilogue may be replayed by tapping the top of the stairs.
  • When a Full Combo or All Charming is acquired after completing the Main Story, the result screen artwork has Deemo replaced by Alice's brother, Hans.
  • Replaying the epilogue on Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs starts the Normal difficulty instead. In Forgotten Hourglass playthrough 4 onwards, Marigold plays instead. Replaying the Main Story reverts it back to this song on Easy.


  • The song title is a combination of "Fleur" (French for flower) and "Quartz" (an abundant mineral), pronounced as "Flu-kwar".
  • This song was used in the Deemo 2.0 trailer.
  • This is a shortened version of the entire song, which can be found here

Artwork Edit

V20fluquor fc

Full Combo artwork

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