Arrow Rayark selection Vol. 2

Hua Sui Yue
HAMO from Mili
I race the dawn
Mode Level Notes
Easy 2 219
Normal 5 476
Hard 8 711
Extra - -
BPM 130
Deemo - Friction02:39

Deemo - Friction

 Trivia Edit

  • The artwork of this song is used to illustrate the collection Rayark selection Vol. 2 in the music selection menu.
  • In the Brave frontier and Deemo collaboration project, Brave Frontier released a free capture-able unit dubbed as "Deemo and the Girl". The girl makes use of the costume from this song's artwork.
  • The art represents an international chess as the floor is the board of it, whereas Deemo being the king and the Little Girl being the queen.

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