Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 1A

Reverse - Parallel Universe
I hate to tell you
Yuk-cheung Chun
Ihatetty c2
Mode Level Notes
Easy 2 263
Normal 6 382
Hard 8 610
Extra - -
BPM 120
Deemo - I hate to tell you02:53

Deemo - I hate to tell you



Climbing over the mountains, 
I noticed in the distance, 
You'll never get over. 

Open lock that had began,
That brand new feat of heart,
You'll never get out of it.

I Hate To Tell You~
So Lost It, 
Hate To Tell You,
So Lost Faith, 
Ohh~ (I Hate To Tell You, So Lost It).

It's so hard, to make me complete. 
Still some shadows, growing to bleeding still.
So the heart remains the thing, that make you ever last the carve to creed. 
You don't cry~

I Hate To Tell You (I Hate To Tell You), So Lost It (So Lost It).

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