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Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 2

Sakura iro no yume
La Promesse
La Promesse
Mode Level Notes
Easy 5 404
Normal 5 488
Hard 8 678
Extra - -
BPM 164
Deemo 202:33

Deemo 2.0 - Cranky - La Promesse

 Lyrics Edit

Non te vear voze va radeo nu
im hito maa asa ve freu
col te vi ta coplevraste nadi Sée
cesa fro siam ne dut pas Ku

Con te shuera 
Ida fraste la fletuar

Fu ca
tri shudevuar ni di phrase
sa amour (sisa amour)

Tu virsle predo Cvanima cen
pletese trua

Stu ma viar
Cvalider rdui cvastre mui

Kentilpa panedu sui ne taitai qvandil a vem
Kinto plem tvare ne li te about 
ëtre ascusme (ëtre ascusme)

Con te tale tvare you as aitamitavi amvevi Huimo
Noni ia lour ve thaine (lavethaine)

Vo re ta you 
aselem tom sileslamour
Vesva tor
Vi meyu 
la toa chulu
nan toua
lai tsé mieu lo tôa 
Naine ta da 
dessa chi tai yai


  • Unlock conditions for La Promesse: have tree at 43 meters height. There is a scroll in the distance in the main tree house room. Tapping on it will prompt a dialogue to show a musical score to Deemo and unlock La Promesse.
  • The title is French and translates to "The Promise"
  • The lyrics of this song is fictional language.

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