Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 1B

Angelic Sphere
Evolution Era
Mode Level Notes
Easy 3 252
Normal 7 619
Hard 9 744
Extra 10 938
BPM 88-185
Deemo - NeLiME - Leviathan

Deemo - NeLiME - Leviathan


  • The Extra difficulty chart is unlocked after watching the Where It Goes Memory in playthrough 2 (requires Forgotten Hourglass).
  • Leviathan is depicted as a sea monster in old mythology, and are synonymous with any large sea monster or creature
  • At the bottom of the platform that the masked lady is standing on, there is Hebrew writing that reads לִויָתָן. The translation of לִויָתָן is the name of the song "Leviathan".
  • This is one of the 11 songs that have made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Cytus.
  • The Extra difficulty chart consists solely of Tap notes.

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