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M2U Vocal by Guriri
Angelic Sphere
Mode Level Notes
Easy 4 518
Normal 7 795
Hard 10 918
Extra M 1161
BPM 160
Deemo M2U - Magnolia 中英字幕02:25

Deemo M2U - Magnolia 中英字幕


Your lie lies on frozen lips
as pale petals 'bout to fall off.
Hopefully I'll get used to this
hoax that our love made.

Wind whines through broken tips
as our memories die off.
Hopefully you'll get used to my
hugs - meaning good-bye.

Loves me, loves me not.
Tried to get a rise out of
magnolia petals but
soon scattered them over you.
Watch me fall and drop away.
-Dropped me bad.(Dubstep solo)

Full of tears shall be stream.
Life ends up Lacrimosa
Shattered heart, burnt my life out.
Why you still my remedy.

Loves me, loves me not.
Tried to get a rise out of
magnolia petals but
soon scattered them over you.
Watch me fall and drop away.

Hear me cry,
Our love's dead dried.


  • The Extra difficulty chart is unlocked after watching the Leaves Memory in playthrough 2 (requires Forgotten Hourglass).
  • Guriri is a South Korean Utaite.
  • "Lacrimosa", in the line "Life ends up Lacrimosa", is Latin for "weeping".
  • The song is unlocked after finishing the first part of the storyline.
  • The gravestone in the art prior to Deemo 2.0 is Greek, and loosely translates as "We are forgotten, We disappear, But the love doesn't, To you my dear friend, The one who helped me dearly, There is love."
  • As of Deemo 2.0, the artwork for Magnolia has been updated and the gravestone has been removed, replaced by a bed of flowers surrounding the girl.
    • If you put the artwork of Magnolia above the artwork of Myosotis, it will form a complete picture.
    • In a way, from looking at the flowers on the artworks, Magnolia represents Life (Flowers are loosely open), and Myosotis represents Death (Flowers wilting and petals falling).
  • This is one of the 11 songs that have made it into another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Cytus.
  • In the Brave frontier and Deemo collaboration project, Brave Frontier released a free capture-able unit dubbed as "Deemo and the Girl". In their 6★ evolved form, the girl dons the costume from this song's artwork.
  • The Extra level features multiple triple tap notes.

Artwork Edit

Magnolia Pre 2.0

Magnolia Artwork Pre v2.0

20150601 125033000 iOS

(Magnolia and Myosotis artwork)

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