Rainbow's End
The Hoshizora Project
Mode Level Notes
Easy 3 213
Normal 4 290
Hard 5 385
Extra - -
BPM 165
Deemo 2

Deemo 2.4 Official Soundtrack the hoshizora project - 'post-script'

Lyrics Edit

It's been so long, a year since then
Do you still remember our past?
We dashed ahead, I didn't know
I see that it went really fast

Here deep in my memories
I'm searching the unchanging you
And until this point, here and now
I'm waiting for you to break through

I really badly want to see you once more
Just for a moment, that is all I ask for
I am not reaching you somewhere, oh so far
You are my distant star

I really badly want to see you right now
And all the times we shared but I wonder how
Maybe it's just too late?
Still I have a wish to send you, oh please come true

Trivia Edit

  • This song has a Japanese version which The Hoshizora Project also made, but instead sang by GUMI Megpoid.
  • The English version is sang by YOHIOloid.