Arrow Deemo's collection Vol. 1B

Yawning Lion
Sta feat. A
Mode Level Notes
Easy 1 137
Normal 6 403
Hard 8 569
Extra - -
BPM 92
Deemo - Pulse02:04

Deemo - Pulse


Time has passed.The time has passed

And the time is driving

No...Don’t go...

Inside my eardrum

 Something would bring me down 

Street lights are washed out I saw

Opposite of a dark light 

She always moves a pawn 

I'm standing all alone 

On the sidelines

Slowly, ravens in the sky take a soar 

My pulse, her pulse, Their pulses, our pulses To the death

And we start to gaze the sky And we all...we all know It would take us somewhere, Sometime.

Stargazer! Gives me your space and time For a little while

Stargazer! Gives me your space and time For a little while (Take back)



  • This is a hidden song. To unlock it, you must grow the tree to 15m and tap on the tree in the Piano Room. A unique dialogue will occur and will unlock the song.

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