Arrow Shattered Memories

Farewell Waltz
Ark of Desire
Mode Level Notes
Easy 3 179
Normal 7 562
Hard 9 860
Extra 10 963
BPM 136
Deemo - TQ - Revival02:32

Deemo - TQ - Revival

Notes Edit

  • The Extra difficulty chart is unlocked after watching the Falling Girl Memory in playthrough 3 (requires Forgotten Hourglass).
  • Revival's hard difficulty was originally a level 9, but was changed in the 2.4 update to level 10. It was later changed back to level 9 in the 3.0 update with the extra level keeping the level 10.


  • TQ also has work featured in Dynamix, developed by C4 Cat.
  • Revival also features in VOEZ.
  • This song was heard in the 2.2 update trailer.

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