Arrow Shattered Memories

Waltz in Devil's Playground
Run Lads Run
Starting Wind
Run Lads Run
Mode Level Notes
Easy 5 486
Normal 8 883
Hard 10 1255
Extra V 968
BPM 93.76-207.68
Deemo - KillerBlood - Run Lads Run02:19

Deemo - KillerBlood - Run Lads Run


  • The Extra difficulty chart is unlocked after watching the Where It Goes Memory in playthrough 3 (requires Forgotten Hourglass).
  • The term "Lads" is British lingo for a young boy or a schoolboy, hence the classroom like cover art.
  • The song name was a common cartoon quote, as they scream "RUN LADS! RUN!!!".
  • Level V stands for the VOEZ chart.

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