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Say Hi
Mode Level Notes
Easy 1 85
Normal 4 162
Hard 5 211
Extra - -
BPM 66
Deemo - Book Of Celia - Eshen - Say Hi-1

Deemo - Book Of Celia - Eshen - Say Hi-1


Say hi to the words
I ever owned before
Lie down in my heart
Lie down in my phone 

Say hi to the voice
Which be left unknown
Lie down in my head
Lie down in my soul 

Say hi to myself
Tell me I'm not alone
Where is an obscure world
Feeling with no more hope 

Say hi to memories
What I have to let go
They drown me into tears
They make me hard to breath
Their flavor is so sweet
But going be erased

(So) I shut my eyes, I close my ears
It's hard to breath, too dark to see
Why I can't breath? I'm in the water.
Why I can't see? I'm in the water.
Oh, I can (learn how to) breath

When you say you wanna come back to me
That I won't agree
So just let it be,
That's what I wanna see.
Cause nothing in your eyes, so I shut my eyes
And no truth comes from your lips
So I close my ears, so I close my ears.

Say goodbye to your cold
Say goodbye my sorrow
Goodbye, the reckless things
Say goodbye we possess

Say goodbye to your cold
My sorrow..
The reckless things...
Say goodbye we possess


  • When a full combo or all charming is achieved after completion of the storyline, the results artwork changes to an image with the masked lady.
    • This shows that she has completed 3/4 of the mask.