Score Share Message is a message posted in Facebook or Twitter for extend the story of Deemo. You can post this message by tabbing Facebook/Twitter button in a result screen after finish the song. There are 3 types of message.

  • Common Message: This type of message can be found so often. There are 14 messages in this type.
  • Song Message - Normal Combo: Most songs in Deemo contain their special messages (except Altale and songs in Mili Collection vol.2) which can be found by random with common messages.
  • Song Message - Full Combo: This type of message can be found when FC or AC the song only, but also be randomed with common messages and song message - normal combo too.

Common Messages Edit

No. Song Rank Message
1 All songs Any Come and listen to this song. Do you recognize it?
2 All songs Any There's a fissure around the back of the tree, but it's too small to climb through.
3 All songs Any What is the book that Deemo is reading all the time?
4 All songs Any It's really spooky how the Masked Lady is always wandering around.
5 All songs Any I wonder where the sound of flowing water is coming from.
6 All songs Any It would be great if the tree grew a little faster.
7 All songs Any I know for a fact that Deemo is serious about playing piano.
8 All songs Any Deemo, take a break if you get exhausted.
9 All songs Any You're more than welcome to come visit my world.
10 All songs Any Don't wake me up.
11 All songs Any How does the Masked Lady eat without taking her mask off?
12 All songs Any Sometimes I too have imagined living here forever.
13 All songs Any Can someone hear our music?
14 All songs Any You left without even saying goodbye.

Deemo Collection vol.1A Edit

No. Song Rank Message
1 Dream Any Be careful of falling down, Deemo!
FC / AC Was it only a dream? Or am I dreaming now…
2 Reflection (Mirror Night) Any Tree holes full of memories
FC / AC Memories and the world are in my heart
3 Jumpy Star Any Dancing beneath a starry sky.
FC / AC Our happiest dance together.
4 Wings of piano Any Reaching heaven produces angels' wings.
FC / AC In the paradise I never reached.
5 Nine point eight Any Me with some beautiful flowers.
FC / AC If it was possible, I really wish I could turn back time.
6 Light pollution Any Far from the light pollution of the city.
FC / AC Listen amid the deepest silence of your mind.
7 Undo Any To undo the bad mood and completely put it behind.
FC / AC One's happiest memories cannot be erased.
8 Platinum Any Is it inevitable that I become someone's bride one day?
FC / AC I won't be able to attend your wedding, still I'm sure you'll be happy.
9 Utopiosphere Any I wish this world had no wars or calamities.
FC / AC I will always inhabit the utopia in my mind.
10 Reverse - Parallel Universe Any The time seems to pass so slowly here.
FC / AC At this very moment, in some other corner of the world, the same story is taking place.
11 I hate to tell you Any That's going to be the hardest day.
FC / AC The truth that I don't want to face.
12 Saika Any I'm wearing a Japanese kimono.
FC / AC The knife I'm holding is fake. Please don't be nervous.
13 YUBIKIRI-GENMAN Any Pinky swear.
FC / AC You promise me something good?

Deemo Collection vol.1B Edit

No. Song Rank Message
14 Evolution Era Any I have to go.
FC / AC I will strive to go on without you.
15 Invite Any Have you been invited to this world as well?
FC / AC The world I created.
16 Run Go Run Any Skip along with Deemo.
FC / AC Please don't run on the road.
17 Yawning Lion Any Roar!
FC / AC I will bite!
18 Pulses Any A warm pulse.
FC / AC You're the one who supports me, who gives me strength.
19 Electron Any When will I ever be as tall as Deemo?
FC / AC What an irritating beep…
20 Untitled2 Any Message undefined.
FC / AC A decision still without a compromise.
21 Walking by the sea Any Listen, you can hear the sound of the ocean inside the shell.
FC / AC As a child, I liked holding your hand to go gaze at the sea together.
22 Beyond The Stratus Any A blue sky with white clouds.
FC / AC The sun will always be shining above the clouds.
23 Sairai Any No good, try again.
FC / AC If you can't change the ending, it will keep on repeating.
24 Entrance Any Give me money money.
FC / AC It looks like a passageway will open up.
25 Magnolia Any A scam born from love.
FC / AC Symbolic parting hug.
26 Angelic Sphere Any Just like an angel.
FC / AC Cat ears are so cute.
27 Leviathan Any Winding and twisting snakes.
FC / AC A tangled mess of overflowing jealousy.

Deemo Collection vol.2 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
28 Suspenseful Third Day Any I'll spare no effort to have you stay with me...
FC / AC Please don't leave me.
29 Living In The One Any Will you teach me how to play the piano?
FC / AC If only I could play a piece together with you someday!
30 Legacy Any ...
FC / AC ......
31 Sunset Any There's nothing we can do to stop the passage of time.
FC / AC As a glimmer of hope emerges, you're no longer with us.
32 Sakura iro no yume Any I'm still infatuated with a dream in which cherry blossom petals are flying all over the sky.
FC / AC I have never forgotten the scene where your image was gone with the wind.
33 La Promesse Any Illusory and misty promises.
FC / AC All I want to do is to see you again.
34 ANiMA Any The unstoppable sorrowful melody has begun once again.
FC / AC The grand finale which repeatedly tears the soul apart.
35 The Beautiful Moonlight Any Have a little more sleep.
FC / AC I always had sweet dreams sleeping in your arms.
36 Fluquor Any I hate to let go of your hands clasped in mine.
FC / AC I'll be here playing music for you without a break.
37 Myosotis Any When the stars witness the disappearance of daylight,
FC / AC my fallen tears turn into a downpour.
38 Altale Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)

Shattered Memories Edit


Rayark Selection vol.1 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
39 Metal Hypnotized Any I also like listening to rock music sometimes!
FC / AC That hairstyle and color seem familiar.
40 Rainy Memory Any I enjoy good weather and I don't like rainy days.
FC / AC You like to make music amid the sound of rain.
41 Peach Lady Any You really shouldn't drink and drive.
FC / AC Is the red hat I'm wearing attractive?
42 Hey Boy Any Dance with Deemo!
FC / AC It's your favorite radio.
43 Pilot Any I'm flying!
FC / AC Who are you? What were you doing behind me?
44 Vivere La Vita Any (◕ω◕)
FC / AC (๑◕ω◕๑)

Rayark Selection vol.2 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
45 Friction Any Since Deemo can't speak, he can't quarrel.
FC / AC Though we argue a lot, I still really like you.
46 I race the dawn Any With the minutes dragging by like hours.
FC / AC If it was possible, I wish there was never any dusk.)
47 Moon without the stars Any Why aren't there any stars near the moon?
FC / AC The moon must be as sad as I am.
48 Sanctity Any To what extent can the imagination truly control reality?
FC / AC The knife I'm holding is fake. Please don't be nervous.
49 Hua Sui Yue Any The traditional clothing that appeared in Granny's photo album.
FC / AC I wonder if I'll be able to see Granny.

Mili Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
50 Fable Any This is not a fable.
FC / AC It's a story.
51 Past the Stargazing Season Any The roof is blocking out the sky.
FC / AC Waiting to see the starry sky outside.
52 Ephemeral Any The time we spent together was too brief.
FC / AC I hope to return someday.
53 Rosetta Any Rosetta...
FC / AC I always feel like I've heard this somewhere before…
54 Witch's Invitation Any Masked Lady is really too mysterious.
FC / AC I get the feeling she's secretly keeping me from getting back home.

V.K Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
55 Atlantis Love Any This place is my Atlantis.
FC / AC Atlantis before its destruction.
56 Melody Of Elves Any Heavenly music
FC / AC Earthly music
57 Paper Plane's Adventure Any Although Deemo is by my side
FC / AC The distance between us has actually never been greater.
58 Pure White Any Deemo's entirely black.
FC / AC Deemo's heart is white.
59 Xue Wu Any Dancing in the snow.
FC / AC Dancing in the snowscape of a dream.

Brave Frontier Selection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
60 Randall Any What is outside is unknown country.
FC / AC Welcome to the land of "Grand Gaia".
61 Will Any Knights fighting amid black flames.
FC / AC Will protect you no matter how.
62 Land Of Giants Any Legend of the heroes.
FC / AC his is part of the heroes' holy war.

Brian Crain Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
63 Dream of Dreams Any Delusions from a dream
FC / AC Familiar places appear in dreams
64 Finding Home Any I'm homesick
FC / AC I hope you can also return home with me
65 Imagining Any Like a goldfish swimming freely
FC / AC To flee together with you this way
66 Reminiscence Any Tears endlessly overflowing
FC / AC I am not convinced. This must be a dream, is it not?
67 Time Forgotten Any Time elapsed
FC / AC Can it turn back again?

Eschen Chen Collection vol.1 Transmission Edit

No. Song Rank Message
68 Sea Side Road Any until I'm crying like a baby
FC / AC perhaps you'll turn around and see me
69 Run Away Run Any Longing to escape outside on a paper airplane
FC / AC Deemo is outside. I want to catch up with him
70 Falling Ears Any I heard some voice passing me by.
FC / AC My ears are falling so behind.
71 Flowers Above Your Head Any Such beautiful flowers
FC / AC Deemo keeps looking at me
72 Almost Morning Any Good morning, Deemo
FC / AC It is a brand new day

Rayark Selection vol.3 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
73 Little Corgi's Dream Any Deemo is hiding behind the dog bones!
FC / AC The cushion I am holding should not be eaten by dogs!
74 Morning Drops Any The kind of morning dew that looks like teardrops
FC / AC What the dew reveals vaguely reminds me of you
75 The Letter Any Can you receive letters on the other side?
FC / AC All my thoughts are contained in this letter
76 The Truth That You Leave Any What you leave behind are memories
FC / AC What I leave behind is a deep longing to see you again
77 Veritas Any Irrepressible anger
FC / AC There is not only anger beneath the mask but also a deep sense of helplessness

Cytus Selection vol.1 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
78 DRG Any Rosa multiflora
FC / AC Crucifix
79 Libera Me Any Who can help me get out of here
FC / AC You can only rely on your own strength to get out
80 Precipitation Any beautiful meteor shower
FC / AC Dreams are only the beginning of the story
81 Sacred Any Deemo is a divine messenger
FC / AC A divine messenger from heaven
82 The Black Case Any Black leather suitcases filled with sheet music
FC / AC To open black leather suitcases full of memories

Cytus Selection vol.2 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
83 Future World Any Since Deemo can't speak, he can't quarrel.
FC / AC Though we argue a lot, I still really like you.
84 Holy Knight Any Why would you want to stand in my way
FC / AC Oh sure, like you have never had someone standing in your way before!
85 Niflheimr Any Frozen trees
FC / AC Tree holes starting to blow cold win
86 Parousia Any Will the skylight ever reopen?
FC / AC The skylight will reopen for me
87 Recollections Any Tree holes full of memories
FC / AC Memories and the world are in my heart

Knight Iris Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
88 The Way We Were Any The days that I am together with you.
FC / AC When did it start to change?
89 The Sanctuary Any Perhaps trees are the final refuge
FC / AC or it is only the place I escape to
90 The Red Coronation Any When fleeing, the farther the better
FC / AC The scarlet coronation ceremony has begun
91 Forbidden Codex Any A black whisper is calling me to open it
FC / AC There is no turning back after its opening
92 Knight of Firmament Any I will use this sword to fix everything
FC / AC Without you, there would be no need for wishes or prayers

Knight Rosabell Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
93 Lord of Crimson Rose Any Let the brilliant red flames take over the world!
FC / AC Black thorns have pierced into and infiltrated my genes.
94 Predawn Any The last letter with the rose seal.
FC / AC I know you can read what is implied in my letter.
95 The Fallen Bloom Any The Wheel of Fate begun to rotate and it's signaling a reversal of fortunes.
FC / AC It was destined to end like this...
96 Where You Are Not Any I heard your last words.
FC / AC I will always keep the innocence and purity we cherished and I will be waiting for you.
97 Music Any There should be only beautiful things in the world.
FC / AC Let's stay together forever.

Aioi Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
98 CREAM STEW (Deemo Ver.) Any I'm a little hungry now!
FC / AC I miss those times when DEEMO and I cooked together...
99 I can not say (Deemo Ver.) Any I'm dying to tell you something...
FC / AC but you would never hear it.
100 Image (Deemo Ver.) Any Fantasy
FC / AC Fantasy is my super power!
101 kireigoto (Deemo Ver.) Any I remember an aquarium that I visited when I was a child.
FC / AC I wish I could visit it again with DEEMO...
102 NEW WORLD (Deemo Ver.) Any A new world.
FC / AC It's beautiful.

M2U X NICODE Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
103 Loadstar Any You pointed to the deep darkness without saying a word,
FC / AC and that place seemed to be holding a forgotten secret...
104 Lune Any You will always feel that something has been lost…
FC / AC Am I being oversensitive?
105 Moon Halo Any Is it possible to patch up
FC / AC vague memories…that have fallen apart like broken glass?
106 Stellar Any You said I was still dazzling like a star!
FC / AC I knew it was just a kind lie…
107 Wicked Fate Any Misfortunes always befall us unexpectedly,
FC / AC even when we don't notice them...

NMST Collection Edit

No. Song Rank Message
108 Farewell Any I say farewell to all emotions,
FC / AC but I still can't get over the memories involving you.
109 Winter (Deemo Version) Any After seeing white snowflakes falling quietly outside the window,
FC / AC you insisted we should go out to play with the snow even if our cheeks turned red because of the cold.
110 Fluffie Partie Any Does DEEMO love sweets as well?
FC / AC He even dreamed he was eating a cotton candy...
111 Snowflakes Any I want to go on an adventure with DEEMO!
FC / AC Apparently it's possible to put together the fragments found during the journey to make up something.
112 Kouyou Any The sky is painted red
FC / AC by flying red leaves and

Mili Collection vol.2 Edit

No. Song Rank Message
113 A Turtle's Heart Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)
114 Cerebrite Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)
115 Imagined Flight Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)
116 Space Colony Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)
117 UFO Any (No Message)
FC / AC (No Message)

AD:PIANO Collection Edit


Rabpit Collection Edit