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Suspenseful Third Day
Kaeru Underground
Living In The One
Suspenseful Third Day
Mode Level Notes
Easy 2 271
Normal 5 453
Hard 7 593
Extra - -
BPM 100
Deemo 2

Deemo 2.0 - Kaeru Underground - Suspenseful Third Day

Notes Edit

  • Unlock conditions: After unlocking Leaves Memory, select painting in the Attic. This plays the Where It Goes Memory and brings you to the Basement. Select the piano in the Basement and the Easy difficulty of this song plays. Clearing it unlocks it.
  • When replaying the Main Story, this song plays back instead of The Way Home in the Basement.
  • When a Full Combo or All Charming is acquired after completing the Main Story, the result screen artwork has Deemo replaced by the Masked Lady with a red glow emanating from the left.
  • The song's time signature is 4/4 except for the 13th bar where it is 1/4.

Artwork Edit

Suspenseful Third Day Full Combo

Full Combo artwork