I've been waiting for this update since the teaser video release!

So, this collection consists of songs in one of Diverse System's release, AD: Piano 3. I've listened to all tracks in this album, but I haven't got the update, so this is my prediction of the gameplay.

Tracks used are:

  1. CosMo@暴走P - Oceanus (Album title: Ωκεανος)
    So, the first known track of this update. We've seen a small part of the note chart in the end of the teaser, showing the chorus of the song. The teaser shows that this song is level 10 on Hard, and the note are just SWARMing in. From what I've listened, this song is gonna be tough, possibly not too far from ANiMA. TBH, this song is really good; can either be energetic and kind of 'relaxing' at the same time.
  2. Void - Dedication
    This artist is one primary artist in the AD: Piano series, but to me, his songs are not that good. TBH, I didn't really enjoy this track. Not boring, just not my cup of tea, at the very least. The piano in this song is not that strong, only at some points. In-game, neither good nor bad.
  3. Yuta Murase (村瀬悠太) - Snowscape
    Again, another track I didn't enjoy. The melody is simplistic compared to the other tracks, so it MIGHT be boring in-game.
  4. tigerlily - White Palette
    This track is very relaxing; kind of a song you play as a jazz band. But IMO, this is a poor selection to be used as a game track. Just like Snowscape, this track can be boring in-game
  5. Chroma (黒魔) - Long Summer (Album title: 長い夏)
    Second favourite from the collection, but again, a quite ridiculous selection. Just giving you a hint: this track's chart difficulty is gonna be 'shocking' at the second half of the song, and suddenly back to normal, so beware.

Overall, 7/10.

If I were to choose the songs, I'll keep "Oceanus", and change the rest with the list below:

  1. BlackY - Brionac
  2. Nardis - LOVEWAVE
  3. xi - Trinity Stream
  4. Feryquitous - Avwvz / Sakuzyo - Junk of the Tower (raw translation of ガラクタの塔) [To me, these two are same in difficulty IF used in the game]

In the end, these are just personal opinion. Let me know what you guys feel about this update in the comments.

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