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    Game Center

    June 27, 2015 by Gmmmmman

    Alright. Here I go.

    So, entering the Deemo app is a problem for me as I have it with Game Center on my iPhone 5c. I have to wait for the Game Center flag to pop down before I can start the game. The wait isn't bad, but it's a lot longer than on my iPad Air 2. I guess that the only good thing is that it's not like Cytus which is that the game suddenly lags as the flag comes down and ends up ruining my score, but waiting for Game Center is just bad. I don't experience this problem on any other device. What is wrong on my phone? Has anybody else had the Game Center problem? I guess that the problem isn't Deemo, but the Game Center. I'm just wondering a little bit.

    (I'm sorry if the passage doesn't flow very well; I rushed it)

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