Alright, so the game finally updated, so let's check it out!

First of all, the 4 songs in Shattered Memories

  • Michiru Oshima's pieces sound AMAZING. While they're not something I'll always play, they're a treat to listen to.
    • Oh hey, a new sound for getting a new high score.
  • Infinite Puzzle plays like an easier version of Revival... so barely a level 10 if you ask me.

Entrance's music is slightly different... chart looks to be exactly the same though.

Alright, now on to the Forgotten Hourglass IAP... looks like the other 21 songs are in here. That would make sense for a  $10 price tag (though for now it's half price)...

And... it resets the tree... at least all the songs are still around. Looks like you have to play the whole story again to unlock them...

Regarding the Extra charts, they're hidden throughout the map and unlocked as you go through the 2nd playthrough (for example, the Extra Entrance chart is under the table in the library, like Invite.) Though, I'm not sure if you can get them on your first playthrough or if you haven't bought the IAP... maybe someone can answer that?

Speaking of Entrance's extra chart... let's just say the change in song was needed.

At this point, I'm going to log what happens so it can be put into the wiki later.

  • After 2 metres, you unlock the Etude collcetion... and you first get Chopin's Tristesse etude. That's nice.
    • Oddly, there's no Normal chart. Looks like they're going the Dynamix route... ._.
  • At the 4 meter mark, the treasure box reveals the Samsara (?) collection. And we get... Reverence?!!! Sweet!!!
  • 8 meters, and a new Samsara song, Lost in the nowhere... Holy crap the slide notes are real... O_O

I'll probably keep updating this as I go through, so stay tuned. ^-^

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