I know that "normal" lag is bound to reach everyone, but a unusual problem I keep having with the game is driving me up the wall and I have found no way to fix is every perplexing and frustrating...I'm sorry if this post is redundant for reading.

I've been playing Deemo for a little while now... I have unlocked Magnolia a few hours ago and a problem keeps cropping up in the program(it has been becoming progressively more serious), and I wanted to ask for help :/

Since I have unlocked Sairai, the game has been becoming very laggy(around 12 fps)and started ignoring some of my taps; even when I tried to just open a song, the game would stutter then immediately crash. After Entrance and Magnolia, the game has been crashing/lagging more and more often and it now usually took around 7-10 minutes just to be able to open a song...

I then looked around the forums regarding lagging on Apple devices, but nobody had a problem similar to mine; I have no idea how to fix this weird(and extremely frustrating when trying to get a full combo)problem, so I was asking if anyone know how to speed up a iPad a little bit to make the game run more stable and smoothly...

I have tried closing all apps in the background, makes a very slight difference. If anyone else have had a similar problem or know a solution that would help, please help! Any would be greatly appreciated. :)

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