I have decided that the Deemo Awards system for nominating will work fairly like so (unless pecified otherwise):

Each week I will put up 2 categoris, and you can list off up to 4 songs to be nominated for each. They must have to have a link to the page, and an explanation to why it should be nominated. I will look at the results and decide 4 nominees by :

A) How popular that nomination is among you guys.

B) How reasonable the nomination is.

You can only submit once. Once you are a repeat offender I will not consider your imput entirely for the week.

Alright, now let's get going!

Category #1 : Best Artwork

The artwork is fitting, well-done, and seems inviting for players. Any song by any artist can be picked for this award.

Category #2 : Best Gameplay

The gameplay is smooth, fun, and challenging for all players. Any song by any artist can be picked for this award.

As always, I will also submit my own lists here :


  1. Magicatz. The work is colorfully splattered all over the place, but in well organized fashion. It is exteremely well done and has excellent quality. It is able to fit so much on a given portion of the screen. And, it generally fits with the song's nature.
  2. Wicked Fate. The effect of it being some broken time frame, and the star is breaking and falling  out as Celia tries to catch it is absolutely beautiful. Plus, the color scheme is made slightly warmer (closer to pink, but not there yet), thus it does display the bit of wickedness of the character itself.
  3. Daylight. Although this is only on PSVita, it is a very cute and solid choice of art for this song. The warm and cool colors blend nicely, and the sunlight in her hands is the icing on the cake in my opinion.
  4. Xue Wu . The artwork reminds me of a historical museum painting, and the song's trandlation makes it convinient and perfect.


  1. Futarimiti . VERY FUN GAMEPLAY. Best chart ever in my opinion.
  2. Oceanus . all of the charts fit for each difficulty, very hard, but well done.
  3. Sunset . Beautiful, and the Sunset visualization is wonderful!
  4. Snowflakes . Yet again, another great chart that uses perfectly timed visuals.

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