Hey guys! So, 3.0 has been announced, and it will be a BIG UPDATE. So, there are tons of songs to choose from for this, but here are my choices for what could be in 3.0!!

  1. Death Piano by xi . I seriously want this to exist. Not only because it could make really good charts, but because it can be fixed into the 3rd Story Arc (click here to see how I picture this ). This is an absolutely perfect choice to put into the main chapter of this story. If this is not the case, then a xi chapter would work too.
  2. Imaginary Friends by Sta . DANG, we have not had a single song by Sta in YEARS. This song would be PERFECT for the main story too. For those who don't know, Alice has a cat doll named Mirai, and for those who read the light novel, Mirai is her only "friend" as no one else really liked her.
  3. Alice Good Night . I know, it is another credits song, but I love this song so much. Plus, I would love to see how cute the official art for this song could be. It is inevitable that this song will be used in the story chapter.
  4. Butterfly Effect by SxPlay . Considering how good of a connection Rayark and SxPlay have, it will be no surprise if they are used again. And this song has the perfect amount of piano to be playable. I would not even mind if this was the ending credits and then unlocked right after. This song is pure beauty and I would love to see it in Deemo.
  5. Monochrome Wind by Yamajet . This song was originally rumored to be in the now debunked 2.5 update that everyone was talking about. However, I would still like this to be a song in the game. It is beautifully charming, and there are many ways to make a good chart with this song.
  6. Wilt by Versequence . OH MY GOD YES. Out of all of the songs in Voez, this is the absolute best song to use in the game because it holds so much symbolic and referential meaning to this game. This could also be used as the 2nd to last song of the chapter if Death Piano is not used, as it could still hold the same meaning as the story I mentioned above. There is even a piano version for this song that can be used as an alternative. PLEASE USE THIS RAYARK, PLEASE!

I know this list will probably end up being 1/6 or 1/7 of the final tracklist, but these are absolute personal favorites to me. Put down in the comments which ones you want to see in 3.0 too!!

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