• Laserpiano

    Cytus selection Vol. 3?

    February 18, 2015 by Laserpiano

    If another Cytus selection collection be added to Deemo, I guess these songs will be most likely to be included:

    • Bloody Purity
    • Either:
    1. Slit O, or
    2. The full version of Slit abridged
    • ​Masquerade
    • L2 - Ascesion: Act 1 ​(just imagine how adorable Little Girl will be when she becomes the violinist!)
    • Q
    • To Further Dream
    • The Last Illusion
    • Freedom Dive
    • Set Free

    I choose these since they all include piano sounds and belongs to chapters VII - IX in Cytus. But Freedom Dive and Set Free might also be available. As I mentioned, it's just likely, so this list can be longer.

    The developer might make this collection even more special:

    For L and Slit, since are both 3-song series, each song can be played under one difficulty in Deemo. It can be like this:

    • Easy: L
    • Normal: L2: Ac…
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