I have no critisisms to Rayark, they're now one of my favourite game developers among others but I do feel Deemo's DLC practises are getting a litle bit ridiculous. I mean, the game in itself costs £1.49 and you're getting 5 or so new songs for £2.99 so not only does it cost more than the original game to get a measly amount of content but the entire game with all content (1.49 + (2.99 X 14 song packs) = ) costs £43.35. As much as I would love to give Rayark all of my money, this is a bit difficult to take seriously. I know the DLC is optional and not required to progress in the game but some damn good songs are being held back (*cough* Stellar and Winter) and I'm now struggling to recommend this game to friends as they end up dismissing it for the price tag! Not only that but there's the Last Recital PS Store page that shows you have to buy the same packs all over again, and the core game is apparently more expensive!

Sorry for the wall of text but this concerns me, what's your view on it? I'd really like to know :D

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