Hi Guys,

Firstly - My apologies. I had to take a hiatus late last year without notice for a number of reasons.

The short version is that I was flat out between my university studies (I'm writing a thesis) and I had to deal with a significant injury to my right shoulder, which had to be surgically repaired in November of last year and I also just plain forgot for a while about this place much to my shame. I'm back in business now though and ready to keep this place going.

You'll probably have noticed that I've made a number of changes to the website, most noticably the theme. I unfortunately have a habit of missing things so if something is out of place, please do message myself or another admin of this wikia and we'll try to jump onto it ASAP. Nothing is set in stone at this point in time as well, so be prepared for more 'on the fly' changes.

I've corrected a significant number of catagory and page link errors, but my job is still not yet done. I expect the remaining links to be corrected by the end of today and I'll continue checking over pages for clarity.

I am only one person, so please bear with me if something isn't fixed right away.


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