I found an interesting web page on the Web. It shows that the tweets of sharing scores are different. I hope this information will help you guess the real story of the game.

Here it is:

1. Dream: Be careful of falling down, Deemo! / Was it only a dream? Or am I dreaming now...

2. Reflection(Mirror Night): It's been so long since I last saw the night sky... / I really want to lie together with you beneath a beautiful sky again.

3. Jumpy Star: Dancing beneath a starry sky. / Our happiest dance together.

4. Wings of Piano: Reaching heaven produces angels' wings. / In the paradise I never reached.

5. Nine Point Eight: Me with some beautiful flowers. / If it was possible, I really wish I could turn back time.

6. Light Pollution: Far from the light pollution of the city. / Listen amid the deepest silence of your mind.

7. Undo: To undo the bad mood and completely put it behind. / One's happiest memories cannot be erased.

8. Platinum: Is it inevitable that I become someone's bride one day? / I won't be able to attend your wedding, still I'm sure you'll be happy.

9. Utopiosphere: I wish this world had no wars or calamities. / I will always inhabit the utopia in my mind.

10. Reverse - Parallel Universe: The time seems to pass so slowly here. / At this very moment, in some other corner of the world, the same story is taking place.

11. I hate to tell you: That's going to be the hardest day. / The truth that I don't want to face.

12. Saika: I'm wearing a Japanese kimono. / The knife I'm holding is fake. Please don't be nervous.

13. Invite: Have you been invited to this world as well? / The work I created.

14. Run Go Run: Skip along with Deemo. / Please don't run on the road.

15. Yawning Lion: Roar! / I will bite!

16. Pulses: You're the one who supports me, who gives me strength. / A warm pulse.

17. Electron: When will I ever be as tall as Deemo? / What an irritating beep...

18. Untitled2: Message undefined. / A decision still without a compromise.

19. Walking by the Sea: Listen, you can hear the sound of the ocean inside the shell. / As a child, I liked holding your hand to go gaze at the sea together.

20. Beyond the Stratus: A blue sky with white clouds. / The sun will always be shining above the clouds.

21. Sairai: No good, try again. / If you can't change the ending, it will keep on repeating.

22. Entrance: Give me money money. / It looks like a passageway will open up.

23. Magnolia: A scam born from love. / Symbolic parting hug.

24. Metal Hypnotized: That hairstyle and color seem familiar. / I also like listening to rock music sometimes!

25. Rainy Memory: I enjoy good weather and I don't like rainy days. / You like to make music amid the sound of rain.

26. Peach Lady: Is the read hat I'm wearing attractive? / You really shouldn't drink and drive.

27. Hey Boy: Dance with Deemo! / It's your favorite radio.

28. Pilot: I'm flying! / Who are you? What were you doing behind me?

29. Friction: Since Deemo can't speak, he can't quarrel. / Though we argue a lot, I still really like you.

30. I race the dawn: With the minutes dragging by like hours. / If it was possible, I wish there was never any dusk.

31. Moon without the stars: Why aren't there any stars near the moon? / The moon must be as sad as I am.

32. Sanctity: To what extent can the imagination truly control reality? / ?????(I can't find what's this.)

33. Hua Sui Yue: The traditional clothing that appeared in Granny's photo album. / I wonder if I'll be able to see Granny.

34. Evolution Era: I have to go. / I will strive to go on without you.

35. YUBIKIRI-GENMAN: Pinky swear. / You promise me something good?

36. Fable: This is not a fable. / It's a story.

37. Past the Stargazing Season: The roof is blocking out the sky. / Waiting to see the starry sky outside.

38. Ephemeral: The time we spent together was too brief. / I hope to return someday.

39. Rosetta: Rosetta... / I always like I've heard this somewhere before.

40. Witch's Invitation: Masked Lady is really too mysterious. / I get the feeling she's secretly keeping me from getting back home.

41. Atlantis Love: This place is my Atlantis. / Atlantis before its destruction.

42. Melody of Elves: Heavenly music. / Earthly music.

43. Paper Planes Adventure: Although Deemo is by my side. / The distance between us has actually never been greater.

44. Pure White: Deemo's entirely black. / Deemo's heart is white.

45. Xue Wu: Dancing in the snow. / Dancing in the snowscape of a dream.

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