Okey, I've been playing Deemo for a while, and I don't really know how to track my progress. I have been getting Full Combos, but the highest level I've gotten one on is a Level 6. I've gotten no All Charmings, except I don't know whether an All Charming is exactly what I should be aiming for. Are they like getting TP 100 in Cytus? Or are they easier than that? Harder? I don't know anymore, and I'm just confused...can someone help me to find exactly what I should be doing, and whether I'm doing good or not?

Here are some of my scores (they might be good, they might not)

Are these good? Bad? Average? I can't tell...I mean, over 99% seems good, but I still get over 30 non-charming hits? I have made progress in the game (as you see, I've beaten the game, thus being able to play Magnolia), but I'm not sure if that really means anything. It would just be helpful to have someone evaluate my progress so far in the game. Thanks.

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