Yuk-cheung Chun was a member of Icebird Studio, he's now a member of Night Keepers. He is a songwriter from Taipei, Taiwan who often collaborates with various artists. 

The following songs by Yuk-cheung Chun feature in Deemo.

Song Artist
Jumpy Star Yuk-cheung Chun, Jeff Li, Justine Lu
Light pollution Yuk-cheung Chun feat. Europa Huang
Undo Yuk-cheung Chun feat. Misi Ke
I hate to tell you Yuk-cheung Chun
Electron Yuk-cheung Chun feat. Misi Ke
Peach Lady Yuk-cheung Chun, Trevor Lin feat. Silvia Su
Alice Good Night Yuk-cheung Chun, Riin

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